Sunday, July 20, 2008


If only the next Superman movie would be this good then all would be right with the world.
Epic...that's one of the words you could use to describe this film.
I went to see this on Sunday with my son and the theater was packed.
I recall seeing Batman Begins in 2005 and thinking it was a really good film.
It wasn't until I caught it on HBO while on vacation and got a second look. Upon further review I thought Begins was not just a good was a really Great film! Top 5 most favorite on my list. Now we have The Dark Knight which in my humble opinion is as close to perfect as a superhero film can get. Villains weren't just comic book stereotypes, they were downright frightening. Heath Ledger took the Joker to a level higher than we've ever seen in previous incarnations, even beyond the comics. The action is a plenty and the SFX is not used to excess. This has been a great year for Comic Book movies with Iron Man, Indian Jones and now the icing on the cake...BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT! The series could end right here, but since there's supposed to be at least one more all I can say is: "...I can't wait!"

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